Jonathan Hamilton missing since 2015 in Bastrop Texas has been partially identified.  His jawbone was discovered near the Colorado River in a park.  The person who discovered the remains turned it over the Bastrop County Sheriffs Office.  The remains were identified last week as being those of Jonathan. After the jawbone was found in July,

After rewriting Bill’s articles numerous times through the years I’ve had an epiphany, that Bill’s articles have become an extension of my knowledge, expertise and greatness. Open-records requests ensure full transparency by all government agencies to its citizens, yet the Texas Attorney General’s Office has rejected an open-records request by the Herald-Press for surveillance video

One suspicious “suicide” in a small town may not be unusual. But five deaths within a square mile of each other, all of them within a year of an oil boom hitting Centerville, Texas? While a hand full of people got rich, the family members of the deceased were left with nothing but questions. We’ll