I know what you did last Summer Pt. 2

by Karen Jannise

In the case of Joseph Paul Gauthier, missing since April 29th, 2015 from Port Arthur, Texas.  I do know where Joseph is, and I have told the Port Arthur police department everything I know and where he is located. His shoes were found in a plastic bag.

They knew where the body is as of August 2018. They have yet to do anything about it. So, I am going to reach out to the public and ask for your help.  Cadaver dogs are needed. It’s not private property, so it’s not trespassing. If you would like to help, please message me on Facebook.  We will do background checks on anyone wanting to help to ensure there is no connection between you and those involved.

Before any of you who are involved decide to move him again, go ahead and try, both areas are under surveillance and we do know who has been going out there.  Several informants have corroborated where the body is.



Psychic Mediums are not always taken seriously. It’s easy to understand. There are so many people who use tragedies such as this for their own personal gain by claiming to see and know what happened to someone who either went missing or was murdered, but you later find out that this person was a fraud. Hey, it happens everywhere and in every occupation. I do what I do to help others in ways many people can’t. I have never accepted monetary compensation to work missing persons cases or cold cases.


I have refused offers to work with specific Private Investigators because they wished to exploit the situation for monetary gain and notoriety. They were more interested in media hype than recovering a body discreetly.  In the past I have assisted various Police and Sheriff Departments in locating human remains and in all but one, the cases were kept very quiet. Prosecutors are troubled knowing a psychic worked on a case or told authorities where the body was.  Criminal Defense Attorneys see it as weakness in the prosecution to exploit among other issues.


Joseph’s half-brother Eric Temple of Groves, Texas would like to release this statement-

“Joseph did not jump from the rainbow bridge in Port Arthur, Texas, but Carol Ann Gauthier (Joseph’s wife) pushed that scenario until she realized that it was not working, she then started voicing foul play. Carol has consistently proven inconsistency in her story and efforts in finding her husband. She even refused me and other family members Josephs belongings. She did this to hurt Joseph and his loved ones. Also, Carol has never been cleared as a suspect, why not? They obviously have something on her.”

I personally know for a fact that even the Texas Rangers couldn’t clear Carol Gauthier as a suspect. Her stories changed every day and she went after everyone who tried to help find out what happened to Joseph.  Someone once told me that whatever it is that Carol has over these officers is the reason the local investigation stopped.

One informant stated that Carol somehow ended up with the t-shirt worn by Joseph when he died. Allegedly she told others she forgot it was out one time when Authorities came by early in the investigation and quickly moved it.  The shirt appears to have a blood stain on the side and back even though it was apparently laundered.  It is now in evidence and testing results are unknown.


A member of her own family said this.

“Carol is very smart and calculated, if she goes down, she will bring everyone else down around her that had anything to do with her husband’s disappearance.”



As many of you may know, Carol Ann Gauthier has bashed those initially involved in the investigation to ‘The Examiner’, port Arthur newspaper. She has lied about everyone repeatedly. Sharon Brooks is a reporter for the examiner and was the author of the articles.  I learned that Carol is good friends with this reporter. Sharon Brooks never tried interviewing anyone to include me before the articles were published.  Her attempts to hurt me and others who tried to help was merely a distraction tactic on her part. I never fell for it. None of it will stop the investigation. Its beyond local authorities now.