A Former Orange County Democratic Candidate may be Wearing Orange Soon


An Orange County man who was listed as a Democratic candidate running for Orange County judge recently has been indicted along with his marriage partner for injuring a child.


Orange County Democratic leader Don Brown and his partner, Daniel Spencer, were indicted on charges of “felony injury to a child.”


Brown and Spencer took custody of the child when she was 7-years-old in what witness’s allege was a ploy to make them appear more attractive to voters.


The pair is accused of hurting the girl but Brown claims that child protective service workers once said that the injuries were more consistent with an allergy.


“I’m mortified that anybody would think that I would do such a thing. I have repeatedly pointed them to a medical condition that meets all of the appearance of what they have accused us of. They’re saying we hurt her. We did not ever hurt that child,” Brown stated in a press release.


Donald Glenn Brown has had a very rough year. In January the Orange County Democrat Party released a statement announcing that it is declaring the application for ballot access for the Democratic Nomination for County Judge by Donald Glenn Brown to be not valid under the Texas Election Code.


The code referred to is Texas Election Code 172.021 (b-2) which states, “If a payment of a filing fee is returned for insufficient funds after the end of the filing period, the application is not considered to be timely filed, and the authority receiving the application shall inform the applicant that the application was not valid”


However, according to a representative at the Texas Secretary of State office, Texas Election Code 172.021 (b-2) does not apply because after the first mail-in ballots are sent out, a candidate is on the ballot and cannot be taken off, even if his/her application check bounces. The first military and overseas ballots are required by federal law to be sent out no later than 45 days before Election Day


According to a copy of the check in question, it was declared Non Sufficient Funds on January 19.


Brown has maintained he had inadvertently written the check for his filing on the wrong account and attempted to reach the Orange County Democrat Chair Interim after discovering his error. Orange County Democrat Party denies any attempt was made.


A spokesperson from the Orange Democratic Party released this earlier in the year.



On December 11th, 2017 Donald Glenn Brown met with Party Secretary Michael Cole in the parking lot of Vidor High School at approximately 1600 hrs (4 PM) and delivered his application for candidacy for Orange County Judge and a check in the amount of $750.


In ensuing days, the check in question was deposited and was returned for non sufficient funds. Controversy has arisen by half truths and misstatements by Mr. Brown that this report will address and attempt to correct and answer.




-Texas Democratic Party Chairman John Baker



As per this report’s mandate from Chairman Baker, all emails, texts, phone records, facebook messages, blogs posts or other obtainable records that are pertinent to the events are included.  


This report also looks into matters and events surrounding the events between 11 December 2017 and 4 February 4 2018. The only matter that it looks into is the claims and facts surrounding Mr. Brown, his filing and his check.


I certify that this report is true and correct to my best recollection and is the evidence that is contained within this document. Though, I am not under oath, I consider this document to be my legal statement as both an individual and as the Party Secretary of the Orange County Democratic Party.


I am acting as if this is a deposition and that I am under oath for this statement


Michael K Cole Jr.

Orange County Democratic Party Secretary




So, what is going on in Orange County with Donald Brown?  Apparently, not all is smooth down on the Gulf Coast.  What makes this particularly interesting is this party is not the party in power, instead, it is a party that has seen better days and may not ever see a day where it wins a countywide seat.  This first installment tells the story of Donald Glenn Brown Jr, the would-be 2018 Democratic County Judge Nominee and his dramatic fall from grace.


However, to start this tale, we need to go back and examine a bit of his past in politics.


It was 2014, Wendy Davis had just finished her thirteen-hour filibuster over an abortion bill on the Floor of the Texas Senate. Emotions were running high in Austin and around the state.


Don Brown, a mortgage company owner and openly LGBT, decided that the time was right to run for the United States Congress.


Living in Orange, where another Democrat, Michael Cole, had announced he was running for Congressional District 36, Don decided to try his hand in Congressional District 14.


The seat comprised of Jefferson County, Galveston County, and parts of Brazoria County. Its incumbent, Randy Weber, had beaten Nick Lampson in 2012. Nick Lampson was and is a big name has been a Congressmen twice from the area and tax assessor-collector.


The district was already considered a favorable Republican District.


Then enters the bull in a china shop in the form of Don Brown. He would get pushy with his candidacy, causing the Jefferson County Democratic County Chair to file a restraining order against Don Brown. This barred him from any events being held by the Democratic Party in Jefferson County.


He was not endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO, them having stated that his past of attacking women was cause for them to withhold the endorsement.


This did not deter Don, who courted the support of then-Democratic Senate Candidate David Alameel. He had him down to the district to campaign at least once.


Don would go on to lose the election in dramatic fashion, but not before being sued by his paid campaign staff. His staff accused him of using funds for himself and not paying them. Even though they won that lawsuit, to date Don Brown has not paid them.

Then on to 2016. Don Brown was contemplating another run for office. Many have stated that he was setting up for another run for District 14, but in a twist, Michael Cole, who had been helping him beforehand entered the race.


Many asked, said that Michael Cole purposefully betrayed the confidence of Don Brown when he stepped into the race.


After several facebook skirmishes, Don announced his intention to run for Texas House District 21, then held by Republican Dade Phelan.


This run never materialized, whether it was for a lack of funds or a lack of support, Don Brown decided to mount a challenge for Orange County Democratic Chair against Deborah Mitchell the incumbent.


This election also did not fare well, with Mitchell beating Brown by nearly 2 to 1.


Many insiders we reached out to thought that this would be the end of Mr. Brown.


Let us fast forward to late 2017. Don has decided once again to step into the fray. Some have mentioned that he intended to run initially for Texas House District 21, but at the last moment decided to run for Orange County Judge.


A resident told us, “Hurricane Harvey was horribly handled by the Republican Incumbent, Brint Carlton. Any Democrat that could get out and fast could sway the staunchly Republican County to swing to a Blue Judge.”


They needed a forceful candidate, they needed someone who could unite, they needed a bulldog.

They got Don Brown.


From the start, Don’s campaign was marred with missteps and mistakes.  It deals with threats, bounced checks, and intimidation. It is at its most, ridiculous Public Corruption. A dark comedy in 3 parts.


On April 6th, 2018, Don Brown and his husband were indicted for felony abuse of a child. A charge that can carry up to 99 years in prison. Even this did not stop Brown, he swore to beat the charges and win in November


Candidate Brown then wrote scathing articles about other members of the Orange Democratic Party with titles such as, Cockroaches Maybe Common But Still Not Wanted”  “Storm Chasing” and “Victim and Beneficiary.”  In each article Brown ascertains he is the victim of some kind of conspiracy of associated members of the Orange Democrats involving the check he wrote for his candidacy to anti gay bashing him and his partner. 


Going back to the controversy of his legitimacy to be on the ballot, the Republican nominee for County Judge, Dean Crooks, filed motions to sue to remove Mr. Brown.


Only then, did Brown officially drop out.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it was highly doubtful that Donald Brown would have been elected even without all the drama.


What’s next for Brown one might ask?   According to sources inside the Orange County Sheriff’s office and District Attorney’s office, even in a plea deal, Mr. Brown will spend several years not running Orange, but wearing Orange.