Centerville – Leon County – The Lone Star State by Legendary Jim Parks A pair of adult children of a woman whose questionable death was ruled a suicide by the cops are appealing an order in a lawsuit to question the probate of their mother’s estate. The bank teller who wound up inheriting their mother’s

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by Synova Cantrell Last week we left wondering who in the world owns Janice Willhelm’s 7-acre farm just outside of Centerville, Texas. Her husband, Gerald Willhelm, had died mysteriously less than a week after he gave an interview to the media. While there is no one left to contest his sudden heart attack and cremation,

by Synova Cantrell Part four of this saga leads us back to the beginning of this tragic tale; the strange death of disabled, Janice Robeson Wilhelm. Just to recap, Janice was found dead from a gunshot wound to her neck. She was sitting up in her recliner with her hands tucked neatly under her lap blanket. The .45

by Synova Cantrell For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the series, here is a quick rundown. The family patriarch, Morris Robeson is found dead from a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.   (Date of Death: 11/20/2000) Oil will be discovered on Morris’ property in the future. Who

by Synova Cantrell Morris A. Robeson was a strong, strapping Texan, and a WWII Air Force veteran. Morris returned from war and started a lumber business in Centerville, Texas. He was involved in the entire process from bidding on the trees to cutting them down, hauling the logs, and creating rough lumber in his

by Synova Cantrell One suspicious suicide in a small town may not be unusual, but five deaths within a square mile of each other? Within a year an oil boom hits Centerville, Texas and the deaths are all swept under the rug. While a hand full of people get rich, the family members of the

BY WILLIAM PATRICK In a split vote, Anderson County commissioners Monday renewed the contract of their jail medical provider, including a 3 percent increase. The action came despite a failed state inspection, a $10-million wrongful death lawsuit against the county, and a Texas Rangers report exposing negligence by the medical provider in the 2018

The StingRay Is Exactly Why the 4th Amendment Was Written Imagine you are in the middle of your typical day-to-day activities. Maybe you are driving, spending time with family, or working. If you are like most people, your phone is at your side on a daily basis. Little do you know that, at any time,

Dr. George Chronis of Palos Park was found dead outside his burning home in Rains County, Texas, with burns over half his body — from after he died — and no smoke in his lungs. by Frank Main ALBA,ALBA, Texas — A billboard in this tiny farming community about 60 miles northeast of Dallas advertises

Here we go! If you lie, Michelle expose you… That’s my motto and I am sticking to it. So many interesting curves and U-turns in this investigation. – Michelle Gomez The million-dollar question that Laurie Brown never revealed in her reporting about the August 21st Texas OAG meeting was who recorded the meeting. Rumors flew. Field