Liar Liar Perjury is a criminal offense, right? Not for some folks in Leon County, Texas.  Diedre Kyle and Ben Partlou are apparently among the elite few who may perjure themselves without any repercussions. These two are “witnesses” to the forged will of Janice Lee  Willhelm. On April 11, 2011, Leon County Judge Byron Ryder

by Jim Parks, Legendary On December 8 2010  in Leon County Texas Gerald Willhelm told the Leon County Sheriff 911 operator, the deputies Jerry Grimes, Dee Craft, Brent Walters and THE SHERIFF Jerry Wakefield that his wife had been cut off from her prescription medication (OXYCOTIN) an opoid morphine based drug. And consequently shot herself

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BLACKSHEARIANA October 15, 1918 R.K. Blackshear of this city received a telegram Sunday afternoon advising him that his brother C. H. Blackshear who lived in Oakwood had been shot and killed in Trinity River bottom near that place about two o’clock. His brother left a wife and child. On October 15, 1918 Charles Blackshear was

by Darcy Birden — Lauren Thompson has been missing from Panola County for more than a year and there are a lot of questions surrounding her disappearance.  Those questions Torie Colvin, Thompson’s mother, has also asked, especially when it comes to how the investigation is going. Colvin sat down with CBS19’sDarcy Birden to explain what

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by Jim Parks “Legendary” Tales of claim jumping and murder are a common accompaniment to the boom town bustle of any gold rush. The black gold oil boom of  the new millennium in Leon and Madison Counties, two rural communities on the road between Dallas and Houston, is no exception. The body of litigation on

By Whitney Miller  A Leon County family is pleading for answers surrounding the death of their mother, Janice Willhelm. Her children insist there’s something fishy about their mother’s death, which the Leon County Sheriff’s Office ruled a suicide in 2010. Jennifer Davis and Wayne Robeson hired a private investigator in 2014 who believes law enforcement may

Centerville – Leon County – The Lone Star State by Legendary Jim Parks A pair of adult children of a woman whose questionable death was ruled a suicide by the cops are appealing an order in a lawsuit to question the probate of their mother’s estate. The bank teller who wound up inheriting their mother’s

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by Synova Cantrell Last week we left wondering who in the world owns Janice Willhelm’s 7-acre farm just outside of Centerville, Texas. Her husband, Gerald Willhelm, had died mysteriously less than a week after he gave an interview to the media. While there is no one left to contest his sudden heart attack and cremation,

by Synova Cantrell Part four of this saga leads us back to the beginning of this tragic tale; the strange death of disabled, Janice Robeson Wilhelm. Just to recap, Janice was found dead from a gunshot wound to her neck. She was sitting up in her recliner with her hands tucked neatly under her lap blanket. The .45

by Synova Cantrell For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the series, here is a quick rundown. The family patriarch, Morris Robeson is found dead from a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.   (Date of Death: 11/20/2000) Oil will be discovered on Morris’ property in the future. Who