FBI files on the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas by Emma Best The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is a prison gang known for its overtly racist and white nationalist philosophy. Despite similarities in their name and organizational structure, the ABT is no more connected to the Aryan Brotherhood than they are to other neo-Nazi groups throughout the country.

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Stormie’s Law

A murder victim’s mother is fighting to change how accused killers are released on bond. According to police, Moriah Brocar’s daughter, 21-year-old Stormie Callison, was shot and killed by 32-year-old Archie Rogers, Jr. in Bartlett on February In the affidavit, Rogers admitted to shooting Callison twice before fleeing the home where it happened. Rogers has

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by Hank Murphy A pre-trial hearing on April 25 offered revelations as to why former Wood County Criminal District Attorney Jim Wheeler stepped aside last year from the Jason Walters murder case. Walters is scheduled for trial July 8, and 15 days are set aside. He stands accused of shooting to death Christopher James Griffin,

Melissa Greene with KLYV reported in late 2018 on an investigation that is ongoing and has lead to several deaths. Former Wood County District Attorney Jim Wheeler is the subject of a criminal investigation for the offense of official oppression, according to a Texas Rangers investigation report. Election returns show Wheeler received 14, 218 votes

In December 2010, Janice Wilhelm allegedly committed suicide. She was shot by a .45 caliber semi automatic in the throat at such an angle the bullet went into her lungs and severed her spinal cord. It is quite difficult to shoot oneself at that angle. Janice Wilhelm had no upper body strength and utilized a

by  Mye Owens Right now, more than 2,000 rape kits sit untested at the Texas Department of Public Safety. While many of the kits hold key evidence in cases, some simply hold the stories of the victims.  “I was pretty much passed around like a piece of meat,” says one sexual assault survivor, and others

U.S. District Judge Fred Biery approved a settlement Monday that the state reached with civil rights groups to halt the effort to purge tens of thousands of suspected non-citizens from the voter rolls.  In July 2016, a federal appeals court found that Texas’s voter ID law discriminated against black and Hispanic voters because only a

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by Kevin Krause A federal magistrate judge on Thursday denied a government motion to detain three men who were recently convicted in a large medical kickback and bribery case involving Forest Park Medical Center, a former Dallas hospital. U.S. Magistrate Judge Rebecca Rutherford allowed Wilton “Mac” Burt, Jackson Jacob and Dr. Douglas Won to remain

by Jim Schutze Last month after federal sleuths in Massachusetts rolled up 16 well-heeled parents in an alleged college admissions and exam scam that included the University of Texas, four members of the UT-Austin student government proposed that some kind of formal apology be tendered to former UT system regent Wallace Hall of Dallas. The

An attorney for a Hamilton County man arrested last year on a drug charge is threatening to sue Hamilton County’s sheriff because he says the sheriff arrested the wrong man. James Matthew Robinson was arrested in 2018 in connection with a drug trafficking investigation that led deputies to a telephone number they used to set

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