The short version of this story is that a Southern Baptist pastor was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor. The longer version of this story is somehow even more disturbing. Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence,

Anna Ysasaga has never given up hope in finding justice for her son. The Lubbock woman has spent the last 7 years in and out of courtrooms and in the public eye asking for justice for her 15-year-old child, Mark. The boy went missing on the evening of June 14, 2012. Mark Ysasaga was last

With a personality as big as her native Texas, political columnist Molly Ivins skewered both right and left (but mostly right) with ferocious wit and equally ferocious devotion to the powerless and to the First Amendment. One of the more entertaining as well as insightful political commentators of the past half-century is paid a suitably

by Jeff Gerritt It’s taken a year, along with 20 freedom-of-information requests, to get any answers about how Anderson County prisoner Rhonda Newsome died. Last week, the Texas Department of Public Safety released the findings of an investigation that clears Sheriff Greg Taylor and his office of criminal wrongdoing. The 34-page report, written by Texas

At 1009 Marion Avenue, there’s a house turned inside out and a life turned upside down. Billie McGruder’s possessions are now on his old front yard because he was evicted Friday.  “Your neighbors see you get put outdoors in the middle of the morning,” said McGruder. “It’s mind-boggling.” McGruder, who turns 80 next month, has

Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against a major drug distributor and two of its former executives in 2019, a new tactic that for the first time exposes wholesalers of legal painkillers to potential prison sentences for their roles in the nation’s opioid epidemic. More Indictments are expected. Rochester Drug Cooperative, and the executives were charged

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Death in a Texas Desert

Over 20 years ago a Waco man was lured to El Paso where he was tortured and buried alive by Carlton Stowers When the man calling himself Ned Wright first appeared in the offices of Waco’s Brazos Environmental and Engineering Services in mid-April 1997, talking of a hush-hush development his Florida-based Fortune 500 company had

by Michael Cole What started off as a Facebook post turned into an argument between Pine Forest Mayor Cathy Nagel and Orange City Councilmember Annette Carson-Pernell about religion and race in America. In a post on her personal account that has since been taken down, Nagel shared a meme equating the Hajib Muslims wear to

Sicarios de los Zetas

Power of Mexican drug cartels felt for hundreds of miles A new report reveals that a half-dozen Mexican drug cartels have gained a stronghold in the state of Texas that reaches far and wide. This after mass arrests of Mexican mafia members and confiscations of their drugs and firearms in California. The federal Drug Enforcement

FWISD tweeted, Board has voted to terminate contract of teacher Georgia Clark. Motion made by Trustee Paz. Second by Norman Robbins. Motion passes 8.” F Board has voted to terminate contract of teacher Georgia Clark for good cause. Motion made by Trustee Paz. Second by Norman Robbins. Motion passes 8-08 Clark was let go after