Texas Attorney General Office says the mayor organized a scheme to have voters change their addresses so they could cast ballots for him. Edinburg is a city of about 90,000 people and is the headquarters of Border Patrol operations in the Rio Grande Valley. The mayor of Edinburg, Texas, and his wife surrendered to law

A Texas couple has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison each for enslaving a girl for more than 16 years until she escaped with the help of neighbors, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Monday. Mohamed Touré and Denise Cros-Touré, who are citizens of Guinea and lawful permanent residents of the U.S., were

Survival of the Fittest in Palestine Texas

By Johnnie Belle Reagan It is safe to say that you guys down in East Texas are really being put to the test. Dying from non alcoholic liver cancer sounds fun right? Unfortunately, the small town of Alto is still reeling from the effects of tornado damage from Saturday April 13, 2019, while Elkhart was

The Cherokee County District Attorney’s office decided to charge federally convicted rapist Jacksonville patrol cop Larry Pugh with something only after Federal pressure, extensive media attention and an irate populace. This came after district attorney Elmer Beckworth predicted months earlier to the Jacksonville Daily Progress that Larry Pugh would merely “have to register as a sex offender” after his

Former City of Jacksonville police officer and serial rapist Larry Pugh is currently living in Nacogdoches Texas.  He was released from Federal Prison.  He was then transferred to TDCJ for his state sentence.  But for unknown reasons, Cherokee County officials managed to bring him to the Rusk City Jail where he served his state time. 

Two U.S. Army soldiers were disarmed, detained and questioned by several Mexican troops who crossed into the U.S. last week, the U.S. military has confirmed. “On April 13, 2019, at approximately 2 p.m. CDT, five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations in an unmarked (Customs

by Lise Olsen Self-described serial killer Edward Harold Bell died in the Texas prison Saturday, leaving unanswered questions about the unsolved murders of 11 girls he claimed to have killed. Bell died Saturday morning at the Wallace Pack Unit, a prison that houses many elderly prisoners, a spokesman confirmed. He was 82. Bell was already

Cyber Crime Solicitation

Phishing & Hacking from Texas Authorities Emboldened by a lack of enforcement on criminal violations to include public corruption.  Officials in a rural East Texas County have resorted to soliciting for Cyber Crime perpetrators.  What exactly does “phishing and hacking” mean?  How does one solicit a cyber crime?  It goes something like this. The police

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by Ildefonso Ortiz In a span of 48 hours, Mexican authorities and cartel gunmen clashed three times throughout Matamoros–leading to three arrests, vehicle and weapons seizures, and the death of one gunman. On Monday, a squad of police officers were patrolling the streets of Matamoros when a team of gunmen in two vehicles tried to

The identity of a hitman responsible for performing numerous beheadings and dismemberments throughout the border state of Nuevo Leon on behalf of the terrorist-led Cartel Del Noreste, a faction of the Los Zetas. Known by the nickname “El Negro Cadereyta,” Jesus Enrique Flores Ramirez is a top lieutenant with the CDN under the command of

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