Where is Arionna Parham

May22, 2019 made one year since Arionna Parham walked out her door headed to school at Dickinson High, but she never made it there and hasn’t been seen since. May 23rd Arionna would have graduated from Dickinson High. Arionna Parham may have been an 18-year-old girl but she wasn’t mentally or emotionally as mature as

Buying votes in Palestine Texas

By Johnnie Belle Reagan On May 4th 2019 the City of Palestine concluded its local election for Mayor and two Council seats.  Three candidates ran for Mayor.  The Candidates existed of a local resident, a retired Police Officer and the incumbent, a Totalitarian Shoe-in.  The total number of votes cast in a city of over

The Bad Wolf

by https://texascoverups.com/ A detective with the Temple Police Department was indicted on three child sex crimes this week. Court records say 38-year-old Brandon Lyn Mathiews, who was a part of the force for about 14 years, was indicted for sexual contact with a 14-year-old, recording a visual image of a 16-year-old in a bathroom, and

Two former constables are facing several federal corruption charges for their alleged roles in leaking law enforcement information to a Houston area drug dealer in exchange for gift cards and cash. Last week, federal authorities arrested 45-year-old Benito De La Cruz and 31-year-old Armando Gonzalez based on a 12-count indictment accusing the men of running

A Bexar County Sheriff’s Office detention officer was arrested after he was caught during a drug deal on Saturday, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. According to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Corporal Armando Arroyos Trevino, who is a detention deputy with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, has been arrested for bribery, possession of a

by Michael Cole The ditches and yards of Bridge City seem to be suffering an infestation. Not a bug, crawfish, or other critters; but syringes. And it has gotten many Bridge City residents frustrated and angry. According to a recent Facebook post in the group Bridge City 2.0 by Jennifer Dixon: I’m getting so p*****.

Bargaining the Badge

by KXAN Jody Barr & David Barer Investigative Summary: Across Texas, hundreds of law enforcement officers have permanently surrendered their peace officer license in the past four years. A KXAN investigation of 297 of those surrenders has discovered nearly all the officers were accused or charged with a crime – most often felonies. And, in

by Ildefonso Ortiz Texas authorities arrested four adults and three underage teens who are now charged with various counts of organized criminal activity and aggravated kidnapping. Four key gunmen–including one who is a known Gulf Cartel assassin–remain on the run. The case began on May 6, when a victim called 911 to report a team

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A panel of judges that upheld reprimands against former Judge Guy Williams found his behavior both on and off the bench “cast public discredit on the judiciary.”  Williams on March 18 went before a special court of review to appeal two reprimands. In them, Williams stood accused of groping three women, including a sitting judge, making disparaging comments about

Seventy-four percent of Texans live in 4 percent of Texas. It’s a fact, verified by the folks at PolitiFact. HOW CAN THAT BE? Most of us live in cities. And all the cities in Texas take up only 4 percent of its surface. If by “cities” you’re thinking Houston or Dallas, you’re right. But if you’re