Victimizing the Victim

By Johnnie Belle Reagan Today the new Dallas District Attorney, John Creuzot, announced that he was doing away with 1000 cases.  Dallas is no longer going to be in the business of prosecuting petty crimes, such as, shop lifting, small amounts of marijuana possession and criminal trespassing. Although in contrast Dallas is going after property

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Larry Duncan Avoids Prison

Ex-Dallas County Schools president sentenced to house arrest, probation for tax evasion related to the public corruption scandal that brought down the bus agency. By Erin Anderson A disgraced Dallas official at the center of a public corruption scandal that cost taxpayers over $100 million will serve no prison time. Former Dallas County Schools board

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The defendants in the case are John F. Cuellar, a Weslaco lawyer who formerly served as a Weslaco city commissioner, Rio Grande City attorney Daniel Garcia and a nonlawyer, Arturo C. Cuellar Jr., who was a Hidalgo County commissioner. by Angela Morris A public corruption sting involving bribes for votes to award multimillion-dollar engineering and

Missing in Rusk County Texas

In September 2018 Kimberly Flint went missing .  The police stated they received a tip previously on a vehicle that was in the area.   The vehicle is described as a white Chevrolet Silverado dual wheel drive with chrome bumpers.  Officials say they believe it is a 1995 to 2005 model based upon the headlights.  Witnesses

Missing in Panola County Texas

While most missing persons are reported to police after a loved one realizes they are missing, Lauren Colvin Thompson’s case is different: Police were searching for her before she had even disappeared. “On January 10, at 2:24 in the afternoon, our 911 operator received a call from a female reporting she was in a wooded

The Lone Star state of corruption

From the Hill Country to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas is filled to the brim with beauty, hardworking citizens and unwavering government corruption. Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller has been accused of billing taxpayers for expenses including travel to receive a pseudo-medical treatment known as the “Jesus shot” and going to Mississippi for

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This week, the U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested Teodocio Caro on a warrant out of the Northern District of Illinois, court documents obtained by Breitbart News revealed. Caro went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Juan F. Alanis, who notified him of the pending charges against him in Chicago and oversaw the proceeding to have him sent to

Losing Sovereign Immunity

By Johnnie Belle Reagan More from the East Texas community of Palestine about the Jerry Laza case, Lawnmower Man.  Every time I read something about this case it makes me cringe.  Another crappy article from the Palestine Herald Press on April 1st made me think that it was an April Fool’s joke, but, no. People,

A Millionaire’s Corvette hiding in Junction

by John MacCormack With a 6.2-liter supercharged aluminum engine, a late-model Z06 Corvette can generate 650 horsepower and hit 60 mph in under three seconds. But the maroon 2016 model that belongs to Charlie Thrash, a San Antonio millionaire at the middle of an acrimonious guardianship battle, isn’t burning much rubber these days. Instead, it’s

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Eddie Tipton jotted down the numbers on a yellow sticky note as he sat at his desk in Urbandale more than a decade ago. Around him were more sticky notes filled with number sets that he carefully wrote down as they spun up on his computer screen. The numbers were generated by a cryptic two-line