The Fort Worth Boondoggle

Panther Island Review: No Construction Completed A Programmatic review shows that after a decade, and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars spent, only the design phase has been completed. shows Panther Island, the real estate development boondoggle headed by the son of a congresswoman, has cost taxpayers over $383 million—with only its design phase finished.

Los Zetas Faceless Man

Los Zetas Cartel Cuts Face Off Innocent Victim Border Violence sadistic cruelty is far out of control by Cartel Chronicles Gunmen with Los Zetas cut the face off a man who was romantically involved with a relative of a cartel member. After being threatened, the victim tried to flee the border city of Nuevo Laredo,

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by Jim Schutze In case anybody still has any doubt the city is trying to force Dale Davenport to sell his car wash, get a load of this. He’s the guy who owns a car wash on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Dallas — the one I call the only white man on

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Lifestyles of the Corrupt and Elected

by Dave Mann and Abby Rapoport How do Texas legislators live large on their $7,200 salaries? Campaign funds pay for lavish perks and personal expenses, courtesy of special interests. Troy Lynn Fraser (born 10 August 1949) is a Republican former member of the Texas State Senate. From 1997 through his retirement in 2016, he held the 24th District seat, which encompasses all or parts

Texas Has a Corruption Problem

by kevin williamson Texas is a fantastic place to do business: Taxes are low, the trial lawyers are on a short leash, regulation is light, and the state government is an energetic advocate of business growth. Also: Texas is an insanely terrible place to do business: It has corrupt public officials — law-enforcement officers on

Texas AG Ignores Gunman

A report out Wednesday by the San Antonio Express-News found that a gun owner in Texas had sent more than 100 pages of racist and violent letters to the Texas Attorney General’s office threatening to kill undocumented immigrants over the course of a year and a half, and that nothing was done to stop him or to

Benny Binion a Dallas Gangster

Benny Binion was born November 20, 1904 in Pilot Grove Texas. The son of a Texas horse trader, young Binion learned to play poker at county fairs with his father. He grew up to become gambling icon, career criminal, and convicted murderer who established illegal operations in El Paso. Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas. He

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by Erin Blakemore In1914, Texas Rangers — armed, uniformed, angry — rode up to the offices of El Progreso, a Spanish-language newspaper in Laredo, and beat on the door. The state officers were notorious for harassing and even murdering ethnic Mexicans in Texas, and now El Progreso was in their crosshairs for publishing an article critical of President Wilson’s

Texas Rangers Caught Flat-Footed 2016

by Wayne Dolcefino There is new evidence the people of Waller County were systematically cheated by a shoddy criminal investigation into the backroom deals behind the proposed Highway 6 landfill. Until now we only knew that a Texas Ranger had testified to a Waller County Grand Jury in October of 2013, right before the panel

A kidnapping victim killed during a rescue attempt was shot after grabbing the rifle of an FBI agent when the agent tried to enter the home where the victim was being held, police said Tuesday, describing the incident as tragic. The FBI agent didn’t know it was the victim who grabbed his rifle during last

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