I know what you did last Summer

by Karen Jannise


On April 30th, 2015 a truck was discovered sitting on top of the Rainbow Bridge in Port Arthur Texas. The vehicle was running, and a man’s wallet and personal items were inside. He was last seen at 10:30pm April 29th, 2015. His shoes were sitting next to the ledge of the bridge. Many readers may not be aware that this bridge is not only the tallest bridge in the state of Texas it is also the deadliest.  Hundreds of people have committed suicide jumping off of it.  Per the statistics of the local authorities 99% of the bodies of those who leap off this bridge are recovered.




The vehicle belonged to Joseph Gauthier and his body never surfaced in the Neches River. Many people question if he ever jumped off the bridge at all.  He had filed for divorce shortly before his vehicle was found on the bridge. Initially his wife Carole did not contest the divorce but three days later she changed her mind and changed her legal answer.  19 days later Joseph’s truck is found on top of the bridge.  Did anyone see him park there? Did anyone see him jump?  No on appears to have seen him since earlier that day.



In March 2016 I was asked to participate in the investigation of Joseph Gauthier.  I was not paid nor reimburses any expenses I incurred.  I am a psychic medium who has assisted in the location of buried bodies and cold cases.  Law Enforcement does not like the public to know for obvious reasons. The only thing they usually want me to do is find the body or tell them where it is.  After that, cadaver dogs usually do the rest.


I can tell you from experience that Texas is not a place you want to be missing in. Especially the southeastern side.  It has been a problem for decades.  In this specific case I was confused with the initial lack of support from the family in finding him. Most family’s want the body recovered for a burial and closure.  With this case I solely relied on law enforcement and came to be exposed to many disturbing events.  Death threats and intimidation are not unusual and have not dissuaded me in the past.


In the process of the investigation I thought I knew where his body was. He was never in the Neches River.  He was murdered, and the body was not buried until after Hurricane Harvey.  Once when I told police where he was, and they had the cadaver dogs they refused to look there and took the dogs to the other side of the bayou.  If this case relies upon Law Enforcement in the area Josephs body will never be found. I believe that is exactly what they want. In the course of the search I met young men high on methamphetamine who dropped casual hints they had not only murdered Joseph at the bequest of someone else but also moved the body because of me.  This was likely to intimidate me and scare me away.  Of all the cases I have ever assisted with this one has by far been the most dangerous.  Threats have been made to those associated who were not law enforcement which was most likely to try and intimidate us. The police had their own problems.  A series of indictments and unrelenting pressure to stop the investigation into the Joseph Gauthier disappearance.






The police began investigating Carol Gauthier and ran into obstacles immediately.  They had trouble getting a search warrant.  Carole Gauthier made numerous complaints about the Port Arthur Police Department.  On one occasion an officer on patrol but watching Carols house observed several teen-age males enter the residence.  Carol Gauthier had requested extra security for herself.  Upon approaching the home on foot and entering the residence they found the boys smoking marijuana in her living room.  Did they have a warrant or probable cause to enter the home? Carole would later complain they did not and asked the officer at the scene if he had permission to enter the residence




After It was made public, I was on the case officially several officers were, “let go.”  They tried to discredit the detectives who were investigating the case. They had made Carol, Josephs wife, a suspect and would not clear her.  Josephs case was also made a homicide.  Someone with influence and power was preventing the investigation from going forward.  The police may or may not have done some underhanded tactics. None of what they planned and implemented was ever shared with me other than locating a body.  They knew they body was being moved also.


Later three officers were indicted over this case. One was made to retire early, and another was terminated.  I testified at one of the hearings.  No sooner had the botched investigation resulted in the officer’s credibility than the local media began to discredit myself also.  Meanwhile a Joseph Gauthier is still missing, and a suspect still exists.  In the aftermath of an alleged police scandal I met with the Texas Rangers and told them everything that I knew about this case. The Texas Ranger I met did his own investigation and never ruled out Carol Gauthier as a suspect.  He stated that based upon his investigation he was not able to clear her.




Many may not be aware, but the FBI have also looked in the case. I was summoned to their field office in Beaumont where I shared all I knew with them like I had with the Texas Rangers.  Neither asked me to continue to assist but desired to know where I thought the body was and what I had learned. There was also no desire to retain specific items of evidence.  Let me share something with you.  The flip flops worn found on top of the bridge next to Josephs truck that night did not belong to him.  We found what I believe to be his flip flops in a bayou where he was buried after the last Hurricane.  They had what appeared to be blood on them which was tested to confirm “human” but not for a match to Joseph.

Working on a missing persons case can be emotionally and psychologically draining. So is having an ability that often seems more of a curse than a gift.  As a medium I have never made an income and I support myself through regular employment.  Meanwhile in Port Author a middle-aged woman is already engaged. She likes long walks on the beach, she likes reading, million dollars lawsuits and men who mysteriously die. She is on her third victim right now.  My personal predictions?  He may or may not be the third victim but there will a third.

In the meantime more than one person in Port Arthur Texas is working very hard to keep Joseph and his story buried.