by Ty Clevenger Back in November, I blogged about a Texas Ranger who was assigned to investigate the murder of Longview businessman Ron Horaney, then demoted after his supervisors learned about his affair with Mr. Horaney’s widow. Things have only gotten stranger since. On Friday, I faxed a letter to Gregg County District Attorney Tom Watson and

AN INTERNAL HANDBOOK obtained by The Intercept provides a rare view into the extensive asset seizure operations of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, an office that trains its agents to meticulously appraise the value of property before taking it. HSI’s 71-page “Asset Forfeiture Handbook,” dated June 30, 2010, underscores the role seizures play in “helping to fund

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Orange Socks

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has been asking for nearly 40 years who “Orange Socks” is. Ever since the body of a woman was found in a ditch along Interstate 35 on Halloween 1979.  The woman was face down and wore a pair of orange socks, her only clothing and the only identifier police had to

by Naveena Sadasivam The fight against a Texas pipeline just got a little more challenging. On Monday, the Texas Senate passed legislation that makes interfering with pipelines and other oil and gas infrastructure a crime punishable by up to a year in prison and $10,000 in fines. And just the “intent to impair or interrupt” operations could

Is there a Texas PLO?

by Johnnie Belle Reagan You can ask some hard-hitting questions, but the truth will remain allusive because the Palestine City Council doesn’t think you deserve an answer. The one issue that has received my undivided attention and led me down all these other paths was the Civil Suit filed against Jerry Laza.  Since I have

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by Kaitlin Bain A Beaumont businessman accused of running a multimillion-dollar gambling ring with his family for more than three decades is likely headed to prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to money laundering and tax evasion. Larry Tillery, owner of the used-car dealership Daylight Motors at Dowlen Road and Eastex Freeway, accepted illegal wagers on

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by Luke Darby 37 detained migrant children boarded vans in Texas so they could be reunited with their parents at the Port Isobel Detention Center. But when they reached the Immigration and Customs Enforcement–run detention facility, they had to wait. And wait. It took 39 hours and two nights spent sleeping in vans for the last

by Brandon Mulder A Bastrop police officer is under investigation by the Texas Rangers after being accused of “egregious exploitation” of an 80-year-old woman’s finances to pay off debt he owed on his house and take control of her assets, according to the woman’s attorneys. Patrick Amy, who has been with the Bastrop Police Department

Ode to Billy Joe Colwell

 Southern Gothic includes deeply flawed, disturbing or eccentric characters who may be involved in hoodoo, decayed or derelict settings,[grotesque situations, and other sinister events relating to or stemming from poverty, alienation, crime, or violence. When one thinks of In-Home Elder Care you imagine services that improve the quality of life, increase safety, and simply make life less of

by Jim Schutze Everything goes back to Detroit, I guess. Well, not me. I was thinking more about the Dallas chief of police. Again. Yesterday, the Dallas chapter of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization joined a growing chorus of critics calling for Chief U. Renee Hall to be canned. The NLLEO is a bargaining organization

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