By Johnnie Belle Reagan So, Friday March 8th, 2019 the City of Palestine City Council voted unanimously to fire Attorney Ron Stutes and terminate their contract with the Tyler Law firm Potter Minton.  Some of you may be like me and saying, “Finally”.  Then wondering, “What took so long?”  I am basing that thought process

“Saddle up and ride out of town after the sun goes down” It’s time for council members to give City Attorney Ron Stutes the boot. His bad advice and bungling have, arguably, cost Palestine and its working-class taxpayers $1 million or more. The city can’t afford any more of Stutes’ incompetence. During closing arguments Monday,

Ship of Fools in Palestine Texas

CITY COUNCIL REFUSES TO DO THEIR JOB…THE ONGOING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IMPACTS THE SAFETY AND FINANCIAL SECURITY OF OUR CITIZENS I just schooled some other citizens of Palestine who said that our City Council – is not responsible for anything, not supposed to enforce laws and that I do not understand the role of city council