Is there a Texas PLO?

by Johnnie Belle Reagan You can ask some hard-hitting questions, but the truth will remain allusive because the Palestine City Council doesn’t think you deserve an answer. The one issue that has received my undivided attention and led me down all these other paths was the Civil Suit filed against Jerry Laza.  Since I have

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Victimizing the Victim

By Johnnie Belle Reagan Today the new Dallas District Attorney, John Creuzot, announced that he was doing away with 1000 cases.  Dallas is no longer going to be in the business of prosecuting petty crimes, such as, shop lifting, small amounts of marijuana possession and criminal trespassing. Although in contrast Dallas is going after property

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by Johnnie Belle Reagan As an investigative reporter I spend hours and hours doing research on stories.  You hear and read a lot of information and some of that information isn’t important at the time.  As I sat watching the Local News last night listening to an investigative report about Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick and

Corruption or Missteps, City of Palestine?

By Johnnie Belle Reagan City of Palestine is just like any other county seat in the State of Texas that the IRS and FBI have been investigating the leadership of  Anderson County in the last weeks. What makes Palestine different is the attention that it has been gaining over the past few years.  After starting

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