The Lone Star state of corruption

From the Hill Country to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas is filled to the brim with beauty, hardworking citizens and unwavering government corruption. Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller has been accused of billing taxpayers for expenses including travel to receive a pseudo-medical treatment known as the “Jesus shot” and going to Mississippi for

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Eddie Tipton jotted down the numbers on a yellow sticky note as he sat at his desk in Urbandale more than a decade ago. Around him were more sticky notes filled with number sets that he carefully wrote down as they spun up on his computer screen. The numbers were generated by a cryptic two-line

Tipton Brothers Lottery Scam

“Rumor spreadin’ ’round in that Texas town‘Bout that shack outside La GrangeAnd you know what I’m talkin’ about” – ZZ Top Two brothers who directed the biggest lottery scam in U.S. history have repaid less than $1,400 in restitution despite owning property worth nearly $2 million, a Des Moines Register and Corpus Christi (Texas) Caller

McALLEN, Texas – A career lawman who at one time served as police chief for La Joya was convicted on drug trafficking charges for his role in helping smugglers connected to Mexico’s Gulf Cartel operate in Texas. Homeland Security Investigations arrested the corrupt lawman in 2017. After almost four hours of deliberation, a federal jury

A grievance committee with the State Bar of Texas ruled this week that former Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood committed professional misconduct about two years ago when he threatened two defense attorneys in a judge’s chambers during a murder trial. LaHood was placed on probation with the state bar for a year and ordered

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by Ty Clevenger The chairman of the Texas Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee quashed an internal investigation of a female state trooper with whom he had an affair, according to an amended federal lawsuit filed this morning. The lawsuit alleges that Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) intervened with Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw to terminate the investigation

by Dave Boucher The criminology professor was on the trail of a possible fraud. Even more troubling, it was happening inside his own school. The first clue: A student told him he had permission to skip classes yet still get credit. Then, when the professor tried to verify the story with his bosses, they bristled.

by Ashley Lopez Julieta Garibay is one of almost 100,000 people on Texas’ voter rolls who state officials recently said might not be citizens. Like many people on the list, though, the Austin resident recently became a U.S. citizen and has the right to vote. “I know my rights, but it was like – wait, is this

How one Texas family allegedly made millions off the construction of a border fence funded by the Department of Homeland Security by T. Christian Miller & Kiah Collier The kickback scheme was allegedly hashed out over weeknight drinks at a steakhouse in a border county in south Texas. Amid surf and turf and expensive scotch,

Voter suppression is wrong

Gov. Greg Abbott owes Texans an apology by Erica Grieder Secretary of State David Whitley made a terrible mistake last week that might have potentially serious consequences. Whitley should probably resign after issuing an advisory on Jan. 25 flagging 95,000 of the state’s registered voters as potential noncitizens. At least 58,000 of those people have