Taylors Bayou

What’s really going on at Taylor’s Bayou?

On January, 23rd, 2019, Donald Ray Goodman, a 54 year old male was on his way to work at a refinery in Port Arthur, Texas when he started having car trouble.  He was on the phone with his wife as he had stopped, stating to her that his truck was overheating, this was approximately around 7:47 am. He suddenly told her he would call her back, then hung up with her. Donald was never seen or heard from again.

Around 12 pm that day, an officer spotted the white dodge ram sitting on top of the taylor bayou bridge, so he decided to get out and look around and saw no one. The officer noticed the keys were still in the ignition, which raised many questions. Donalds wife was then contacted, and she raced to the bridge to meet with the officer. The search for Donald began.

That morning, it was cold and rainy, and slightly foggy. There were so many things that could have happened that morning, but I feel he was hit by another vehicle who either wasn’t paying attention, or it was someone who was intoxicated. No one saw him that morning when cops went around asking people questions. There were city workers working under that bridge that morning and they stated that they never saw someone jump or fall in to the water around that time. There were also 2 homeless people living in a tent under the bridge near the water. They too said no one jumped from that bridge, they would have seen it or heard it. That bridge is not very tall and if he did jump or fall off, it would not have injured him at all.

The very next day, January 24th, 2019, there was still no sign of Donald and now his phone is going straight to voicemail. His wife filed a missing person’s report immediately .  The Jefferson county sheriff’s department has this case. They put boats with sonar in the water, a dive team, and they deployed helicopter’s to search for this man. They found nothing. The detective called off the search after that and stated that he most likely committed suicide by jumping off of that bridge and they were going to have to wait 12 days for his body to float. Donald’s wife knew better. Donald would not have killed himself like that. She continued to search on her own and brought in other resources to help.

Not long ago I remember reading about another incident that happened in Port Arthur, Texas, that eerily sounded the same. Joseph Paul Gauthier went missing on April 29th, 2015. His white dodge ram was found on top of the rainbow bridge, with the keys still in the ignition. Police searched the waters and couldn’t find him, so they said to wait 12 days for his body to float and never investigated other possibilities. Two weeks later, Joseph never popped up. By this time, evidence was pretty much lost. Those two weeks gave the killers enough time to get rid of the body. Joseph is now believed to be buried under the Taylor Bayou bridge. The same bridge Donald went missing from. Coincidence??  I don’t think so. The police know Joseph is buried under that bridge but they refuse to go look into it. Why??

The police were adamant that Mr. Goodman jumped from that bridge. They refused to look into it further. Fortunately,  the wife pulled in other resources to help find out what happened to her husband. Further investigation, finding out his phone pinged off of Levee Rd and Portland street, the team looked more into that. Portland rd is ¾ of a mile away from that bridge. I won’t discuss how this team found out who may have been responsible for Donald’s disappearance, but I will say that the evidence is stacking up against this person.

His name, Cory Cogar. Cory use to have a white denali but was recently seen in a silver dodge ram with paper tags. Cory works on Portland st at the very end of the rd. A background check showed he is currently on probation for a 2nd DWI he got in 2017. He was also arrested at one time for purposely hitting someone with his vehicle. Sources say he is very dangerous and unpredictable. On Facebook he commented on his own post saying he was fixing his truck, it dated back to the time Donald went missing. Why was he fixing his truck? There is other information that puts him in that area around the same time Donald was there. Here is another fun fact, Cory Cogar is married to a woman who is best friends with Joseph Gauthier’s wife, Carol Gauthier. It is believed that Mrs. Gauthier set up her own husbands murder. That would explain why Donalds truck was put on top of taylor’s bayou bridge. He knew the police would say suicide and wait 2 weeks to search more for Donald, because that’s exactly what happened in Josephs case. He was right, that’s exactly what happened.

We knew we had to get Equusearch in there to help find Donald but the sheriff’s denied them access twice. Donalds wife gave them hell about it until they finally agreed to have them search. The day before the search with Equusearch, the fire department, and helicopters search the area and water with sonar, again, they found nothing. The very next day, Equusearch put their boat with sonar in the water and went to the area they said he would have been if he jumped. 20 minutes into the search, they find Donald Goodman deep in the water. They had to wait for a diver to arrive to recover Mr. Goodman. The news reports from the sheriff’s department  stated they found him floating, he was not floating at all. How was he in the water 10 days later in the same spot? The current is strong there. He wasn’t tangled up in anything, yet, he stayed stationary? That area was searched several times before Equusearch arrived and nothing was found. It doesn’t make sense. Remember also that there were people under that bridge the morning Donald disappeared. They said no one jumped. What is really going on here. What are police afraid we would find? There has to be something they want to keep a secret otherwise they wouldn’t have tried to chase out everyone who wanted to help search that area.

It’s also important to note that the medical examiner said that there was traumatic bruising on one side of the body when police told the wife there was small bruise on his arm like he got hit by a mirror of a vehicle and it flung him off of the bridge, and threw his phone ¾ of a mile down the road. Really? What are they trying to keep quiet over there. I believe there needs to be an investigation  by the FBI.