The Twin Pistol Sheriff

Associated Press 1986

Indicted Sheriff Dies of Gunshot Wound

May 19, 1986

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas (AP) _ A sheriff facing trial on a misdemeanor charge of fondling a woman was found fatally wounded on a rural road, authorities said.

Hopkins County sheriff found shot to death beside road SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas (AP) — Hopkins County Sheriff C.W. Grayson, who faced trial on a misdemeanor charge of fondling a woman, was found shot to death on a rural county road, authorities said. Texas Ranger Lloyd Johnson said

Grayson, 60, had been shot twice in the chest around 5:20 p.m. Sunday. There were two .38-caliber pistols found nearby.

Grayson was found outside his sheriff’s car on a farm road northwest of Sulphur Springs, said Johnson. Justice of the Peace W.H. Bauman found him allegedly and was cautioned NOT to rule the death a suicide by Ranger Johnson due to the Sheriff still being alive.

Johnson said Grayson was rushed to Sulphur Springs Memorial Hospital where he died in the emergency room.

Bauman said the gunshot wounds were self- inflicted, but they were awaiting an autopsy from the Dallas County medical examiner’s office. Judge Bauman by all accounts was hard pressed to declare the death a suicide. Twin pistol carrying Sheriffs are very common in Texas and often shoot themselves after a woman accuses them of fondling her breasts.

The Friday before the death, Grayson pleaded innocent to a misdemeanor charge of official oppression. An indictment charged that on Feb. 10 the sheriff did “intentionally subject” a woman to mistreatment by placing his hand on her breast. The sheriff had said the charge was “a setup deal.” Trial was set for June 9.

CW had been a city policeman in Sulfur Springs since 1960. He ran for Sheriff of the county in 1984 and was elected. Many felt he was being set up so they could get rid of him. It is speculated that if they pursued him with the false charges he would divulge things that some people did not want to get out.

33 years later it would appear everyone involved are all dead. But the death is still being covered up. A retired Hopkins County Deputy claims that when the body was found they reported it on police radios.

“Everything was pretty standard until they found them two pistols. Once it was reported on the air that 2 pistols were on the scene things became quiet.”

“They knew a lot of folks listened to us on scanners back then. It was just no good it getting out their was 2 guns. He was supposed to have been shot once in all probability and they mucked it up.”